Judging Criteria

Judging will be on the following categories. Each contestant will be scored on a 1-5 scale (no decimal points) with 5 being the best score. Individual categories will be tallied and the winner determined by who has the most total points. In case of a tie, the Round Two score will be used as the tiebreaker.

Round One: Poses and Bios

Judging Categories:

Hair/Make-up/Personality: Is hair/makeup well done and era appropriate? Did the contestant showcase her unique personality during her time on stage through her poses and use of props? Was her bio answer unique and did it express her personality well?

Vintage Fashion/Poise: Is the outfit well put together and era appropriate? (1940s, 50s and early 60s) Does the contestant carry herself well and with confidence on stage? Were the props and poses era appropriate?

Stage Presence/Audience Appeal: Did the contestant do at least three poses? Were the poses unique and did she hold the poses long enough and confidently? Take into consideration the reactions of the audience throughout the contestant’s time on stage, cheers, laughter, and applause. Did the contestant work the crowd?

Round Two: Question and Answer

Stage Presence/Poise: Does the contestant carry themselves well and with confidence on stage? Did they speak clearly and confidently?

Answer Content: Was the contestant’s answer thoughtful and unique as opposed to just generic? Was there a positive response from the crowd? Did the contestant take an individual and fun spin on the question and show off their personality?